In Tortosa, you will discover a city with a special charm. Beautiful Santa María Cathedral, the Jewish quarter, the open-air sculpture museum of sculptor Santiago de Santiago, and Mirabel Castle are just some of the lovely sights it has to offer. A wonderful way to explore Tortosa is by following a walking or bicycle route around the walls and fortifications, beginning at the Parador and visiting the fortified complex known as the Avanzadas de San Juan, Inmaculada Square, the wall-walk and Célio Tower.

Its streets, artistic and cultural heritage, the scenery offered by the Ebro Plain, and the people, cuisine and festivals make this city unique. If you come to Tortosa during the second half of July, you will experience the Renaissance Festival, when thousands of locals dress in period costume and there are daily performances in the streets, transporting Tortosa five hundred years back in time.


The Parador is situated in the spectacular Zuda Castle, overlooking the city from high above, offering a combination of monumental beauty and the attractions of the various natural areas that surround it. At this inviting hotel, you can enjoy the seasonal swimming pool, a cozy dining room with Gothic windows, comfortable guest rooms and magnificent views of the banks of the Ebro along the river's final stretches.

We also highlight the gastronomy of the restaurant, as is usual in all Paradores. You will enjoy succulent rice dishes, eels in broth, fish soup and garrofetas (egg yolk cookies). The local cuisine expertly combines farm produce with ingredients from the Ebro Delta, the mountains and the sea. You will also discover Arab, Jewish and Christian flavors in the confectionery.

Tortosa’s essential traditional product is rice grown in the Ebro Delta. It is one of the most important ingredients on menu. The river and river valley, the mountains of Montecaro, the city’s old quarter and the chapel terrace are all part of the view that will accompany your meal at the Parador.


  • The castle where the parador is located.
  • The views.
  • The restaurant.
  • Value for money.


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