Catalonia’s culinary heritage is rooted in Greek, Roman and arab traditions. These three cultures are at the origin of the three key ingredients in the Mediterra-nean diet: olive oil, wheat and wine.

Thanks to the excellence an personality of Catalan products, many have been awarded two official seals of quality: the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and the Protected Geographic Indication (IGP). Both labels are reserved for typical products from specific regions, with their own distinctive character and unique flavour, qualities fostered by the close connection between produce, environment and human skills.

PDO products include: rice from the Ebro Delta; hazelnuts from Reus; cheese from Alt Urgell and Cerdanya; olive oil from Les Garrigues, Empordà, The fruits of the earth. Landscapes to eat Tracking down the products that help to define Catalan cuisine is a good excuse for exploring the land and discovering the secrets that enrich this country’s food and drink. Terra Alta and Baix Ebre-Montsià; butter from Alt Urgell and Cerdanya; ganxet beans from Vallès and Maresme; pears from Lleida; and olive oil from Siurana.

Those granted the IGP seal of approval include: calçots from Valls; clementines from Terres de l’Ebre; llonganissa dry-cured sausage from Vic; potatoes from Prades; chicken and capon from El Prat; apples from Girona; torró (nougat) from Agramunt; and veal from the Catalan Pyrenees. Touring Catalonia in search of these and other ingredients enables the visitor to discover the diversity of landscapes that yield such magnificent products.

The most avant-garde creativity is what has elevated Catalonia and its cuisine to the most prestigious international position, attracting visitors from the four corners of the globe just to sample the finest Catalan cuisine. The Michelin Guide has recognized Catalonia as a European region of great gastronomy with 53 award-winning restaurants, an amount that makes it the territory of Spain with more stars.

Cuisine is geography, history and culture. To taste and enjoy a country’s culinary products is to explore all its traditions at once. We warmly invite you to enjoy food and drink tourism in Catalonia.