The quality and prestige of some wines exceeds those of others. Certain appellations of origin have a longer history, and certain wines have specific characteristics that make them different, unique, special. Here we call "Vinos de Finca", the equivalent of single vineyard wines. This classification contains certain legal aspects that set it apart in addition to having even stricter production and winemaking standards. The bottom line is that "Vino de Finca" is the highest classification a wine can obtain in Catalonia at this time. The following criteria are what make these wines so exceptional:

  • Top-tier appellation of origin (the vineyard itself is an appellation).
  • The winery must have a well-established, prestigious and high-quality market presence of at least 10 years.
  • Vineyard age: minimum 5 years.
  • Vineyard yields are 15% lower than for the same variety in the rest of the appellation.
  • Maximum yields of 650 ml per kilo.
  • The wine is exclusively aged in oak barrels of maximum 600 liters.
  • Wineries must establish well-defined and comprehensive traceability from production through sales.
  • Wine tastings use stricter rating criteria.
  • The Vino de Finca classification must appear on the label along with the wine’s appellation of origin.