Cardona has retained all the charm of a medieval town. It is filled with incomparably beautiful spots and narrow side streets that you will want to explore every inch of. Here you can pay a visit to Montaña de Sal Cultural Park, an old salt mine with spectacular interior galleries, where you can tour the museum and see the old shaft machinery. The different folds and veins of the salt deposit and the wide variety of minerals contribute to the spectacular nature of this site, making it unique in the world.



The hotel is a beautiful medieval castle with centuries of history, standing high atop a promontory and watching over the charming town of Cardona. On this 9th-century fortified site, you can also visit Minyona Tower and a lovely church, both dating from the 11th century. We have taken great care with the décor to ensure that the castle retains all of its charm and so that the fosses, towers, walls and gothic elements can be seen in all their glory. Panoramic views of the town and the lands along the Cardoner River.

Dine like true royalty in the Parador’s medieval dining room: eggplant terrine with pig’s feet, charcuterie plates and especially grilled meats such as barbecued local shoulder of lamb. Our specialties also include patatas enmascaradas (potatoes with local sausage and bacon).

In addition to the delicious food, you will enjoy wonderful views of the Cadí Mountains, Mount Pedraforca, Port del Comte Massif and the town of Cardona, with the salt mountain and green fields along the Cardener River. And as a backdrop, Mount Montserrat and Montseny Nature Reserve.


  • The views are so spectacular.
  • The restaurant and gastronomy.
  • The castle.
  • Value for money.


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